Holiday Camps


The Holiday Camps will take place at the Amperhof Organic Farm in Esting from 8.30-16.30.

AMPERHOF CAMP: We will meet at the Hauptbahnhof at 8.30 and take the S-bahn to the farm (about a  20 minute ride).  Lunch (picnic style) and a morning and afternoon snack are provided, with everything being organic and from local area farms.

The children will explore the farm and do both group and individual projects and games throughout the course of the week.  There are goats, cows, a beaver, birds, fish, and many, many more exciting possibilities for the children to experience and learn from!  The week will be filled with arts and crafts, constructing forest homes, playing games, free play, picking flowers and enjoying nature.  When the weather is not so nice, we will do yoga indoors, read books, create art inside and cook. However, a good part of the day will still be outdoors.

There is a maximum of 15 children per 2 adults.
Children will return to the Hauptbahnhof between 16.15/16.30.

Cost for the AMPERHOF : 350 Euros for the week,  75 Euros for the day. 10% sibling discount. 10% discount for bringing a friend, 10% returning camper discount (only after a full week is completed)!

BAYERISCHER WALD CAMP: This is a "full on" camp experience. Children will spend the night in their own tents, or outside under the stars! We will cook our meals over a campfire and spend all of our time completely immersed in nature.

Tomm Baumann and I will lead a 4 night/5 day Outdoor Experience for children ages 10+ at an isolated and safe Seminarhof in the Bayerischer Wald. We've chosen Inner Nature because it offers a private meadow, forest, tipi and fire pit that is far away from people, traffic, noise and a town. It is in Loitzendorf, which is located about 25 kms from Cham in the Bayerischer Wald.

Tomm will take the children's gear on the morning of August 17th to Inner Nature, and I will take the children with the train there. Upon arrival, Tomm (and possibly our collegue Florian Kohler) will pick up the children and I in Cham and drive us to camp.

Once we arrive, we will set up camp and get ready for the following days. We will spend the days making fire with only natural materials (and all that it involves- finding wood, chopping it, sawing it, etc.), cooking, learning how to survive in nature with what is around us (sourcing water, tracking animals, building shelter, etc.),  learning about the animals, creating tools, making music, storytelling and taking care of ourselves.

The children will be responsible for all actions involved in camp (carrying water to/from our camp, doing the dishes, keeping the place tidy, cooking, making sure we have enough wood for our fire, etc.). This is a fantastic way to get them involved in daily life, to show them how much time and what it takes to live life outdoors, and to help them to work together as a team.

We will be outdoors regardless of the weather. We have a tipi where we can make a fire in case the weather is really bad, but this is also part of the entire nature experience. There are toilets and showers available in the seminar house.

Children need to provide their own tents, sleeping bags, isomats, warm and waterproof clothing and tools of their choice (we have pocket knives for them). We will send out a packing list several weeks before the camp.

We will have the same procedure for the way back, unless parents want to come pick their child up and have a further holiday in the Bayerischer Wald.

Cost for the camp is 450 Euros, plus transportation costs (we will take the Bayern ticket, so it depends on the number of children coming). For children ages 10+.


April 6-8: Easter Camp @ Amperhof, 200 per week, 75 Euros per day, 10% bring-a-friend or sibling discount

April 9: Archery and Fire @ Amperhof, 75 Euros, children ages 8+, 10% bring-a-friend or sibling discount, from 8:30-17.30 (please note the extra hour)

April 14-17: Easter Camp @ Amperhof, 275 per week, 75 Euros per day, 10% bring-a-friend or sibling discount

July 27-31: Summer Camp @ Amperhof, 350 Euros per week, 75 Euros per day, 10% bring-a-friend or sibling discount

August 3-7: Summer Camp @ Amperhof, 350 Euros per week, 75 Euros per day, 10% bring-a-friend or sibling discount, 10% returning camper discount (after completing one week)

August 10- August 14: Summer Camp @ Amperhof, 350 Euros per week, 75 Euros per day, 10% bring-a-friend or sibling discount, 10% returning camper discount

August 17- August 21: Overnight Camp Camp @ Inner Nature, Loitzendorf, Bayerischer Wald for children ages 10+, 450 Euros

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