Sunday, March 27, 2011

Welcome to Die Englischfee

The seasons are changing....Autumn is in the air!

Have you noticed the changes in nature? The spider webs reflected in the morning dew? The rays of sunshine that slant at a different angle now? The intensity of the sunshine? The blue of the sky? The first signs of leaves changing color? It's here- all around us! This magical season is upon us and there is so much wonder in the world outdoors. Below are my programs for the Fall:

October 19: Family Camp @ Erlebnisbaumschule Wurm, Gilching, 10-16h, ages 7+, 60 Euros per adult/40 per child, lunch not provided

October 28-31: Herbstferien @ Amperhof, 8.30-16.15, ages 5-12, 70 Euros per day, 260 E for the week:

November 9: Hiking with children ages 10+, Bayerische Voralpen